The Stars of Top Chef Cook for You Live in Paris

The Stars of Top Chef Cook for You Live in Paris

Top Chef is one of the most popular shows in the world, existing in numerous versions in countries across the globe. Now, this international phenomenon is jumping from the TV screen and into real life. Guests staying at the Hôtel de la Tour Maubourg can take advantage of their central location in Paris to join in on the excitement.

That is because a chic restaurant in the 6th arrondissement called L’Alcazar is inviting the French Top Chef program to take over its kitchen for three months. From February 6, 2013 until May 15, 2013, L’Alcazar is becoming the Top Chef restaurant, where diners can try mouthwatering dishes like those they’ve seen on TV.

This is the second year that L’Alcazar has transformed itself into a showcase for Top Chef. After a highly successful debut in 2012, the Top Chef restaurant is back with the winners of past seasons, who will prepare a variety of famous dishes from the show. Then, from March 20 until May 15, the candidates from the current season of France’s Top Chef will come to try their best to impress their guests.

This culinary event provides the perfect opportunity for foodies to indulge during their trip to Paris. Of course, Paris is already well known for its fine cuisine, but being able to have a Top Chef food experience is a one-of-a-kind chance that not many people get to have.

The Top Chef restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, giving visitors plenty of chances to give it a try. The best part about the restaurant is that, despite the celebrity status of the chefs, the prices remain extremely reasonable — with dinner prix fixe menus priced from 35 to 46 euros for a starter, main course and dessert. At lunch, prix fixe menus go from 30 to 36 euros.