The Soul of Coffee Is Revealed on the Banks of the Seine

The Soul of Coffee Is Revealed on the Banks of the Seine

On the banks of the Seine, a photographic exhibition has been impressing both visitors and inhabitants of Paris. This exhibition is called ‘Chants de café’ — or ‘The Soul of Coffee‘ in English — and it is composed entirely of photographs taken by the artist REZA. ‘Chants de café’ will run until September 8, 2013, with works displayed along the Seine from the Quai des Tuileries to the Quai Anatole France.

The exhibit is completely free, enabling spectators to enjoy 80 works created by REZA and shown off in large format. These works revolve around the daily life of rural coffee farmers from countries where coffee is a major export.

In this way, the artist hopes to honor their skill in the cultivation of this crop while at the same time revealing to the world the little known hardships that they experience. Most coffee drinkers are probably unaware of the living conditions experienced by those responsible for producing this crop, and this exhibit seeks to correct that.

As a result, guests staying at the Hôtel de la Tour Maubourg can see farmers from countries such as Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Guatemala and Brazil. REZA spent four months traveling and capturing both the stories and images of farmers from these regions.

The exhibit has been organized in collaboration with the coffee brand Nespresso, as it celebrates the 10th anniversary of its AAA program. This program aims to improve the living conditions of coffee producers and work towards more sustainable cultivation of coffee berries.

After its debut in Paris ‘The Soul of Coffee’ exhibition was begin a tour around the world, so visitors to Paris have a unique opportunity to see these photographs before they hit the world stage.