The Premier of a Parisian Museum Dedicated to Entertainment!

The Premier of a Parisian Museum Dedicated to Entertainment!

It is not often that a new genre of museum is created, but that is exactly what is happening in Paris right now. And guests staying at the Hôtel de la Tour Maubourg can be part of this exciting new experience during their trip to France.

Indeed, on November 16, 2013 a brand new institution called Art Ludique will open in the 13th arrondissement. Art Ludique is the first museum in the entire world to revolve solely around the subject of entertainment. From animation studios to video games, comic books and live action films — this museum will cover every form of popular entertainment imaginable. The very first exhibition of the Museum is dedicated to the Pixar animation studio, but more exhibitions are on their way.

In addition to timely temporary exhibits, Art Ludique will also feature a permanent collection that provides an overview of major creative artists in the entertainment world. The art here is not only contemporary but will range from the past several centuries to modern day. The main focus, however, will be on creative arts and entertainment from the past few decades.

One of the missions of the unique Art Ludique museum is to bridge the gap between fans of entertainment and the art world. Pop culture consumers may not necessarily make regular visits to art museums, and the founders of this institution hope to change that by showing visitors the value of artistic appreciation, in a context that is familiar to almost everyone. In this way, anyone can discover that quirky cartoons and exciting video games are the result of an artistic process, just like paintings produced by renowned artists like Van Gogh.

With a prime location of the banks of the Seine and an eye-catching building, the Art Ludique museum is sure to please a variety of visitors both young and old.