The Paris Zoo Has Finally Opened, with Natural Animal Habitats

The Paris Zoo Has Finally Opened, with Natural Animal Habitats

After being closed for several years, the Parc Zoologique de Paris, or the Paris Zoo for short, has just reopened its doors to the anxiously awaiting public. The zoo was closed in 2008 due to a strong need for renovation of the infrastructure, which was first constructed in 1934. Now that the renovation is complete, the zoo is back and better than ever.

Guests staying at the Hôtel de la Tour Maubourg can be among the first to visit the Paris Zoo during their stay in the City of Light. The transformation of the park from 1930s zoo to 21st century animal conservation park reflects the evolution of zoological concerns over the past decades. Instead of building spaces that contain animals for viewing, the zoo now focuses on creating a comfortable living environment for the animals and preserving the species in the most natural way possible.

The Paris Zoo is the first zoo in the world to be entirely reconstructed, and now the park benefits from five different ‘biozones.’ For example, the Patagonia zone contains seven species in three diverse environments: South American lowlands, rocky coasts and forests of the Andes. The Madagascar zone provides a rainforest and a dry forest with 30 species including lemurs, turtles and fossas.

Other zones include Guyana, Europe and the Sudanese Sahel, allowing visitors to see a variety of animals from all over the world. All in all, the zoo is spread out over 14.5 hectares, with four kilometers of path. The zoo circuit was conceived as a long stroll where visitors discover over 1,000 animals in their natural habitats as the visitors themselves are immersed in these same environments. The result is a zoo experience like none other.

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