The Paris 13 Tower Takes Street Art to a New Level

The Paris 13 Tower Takes Street Art to a New Level

After seven months of work, the creations of 100 street artists will finally see the light of day. These artists came together to complete an innovative project that involved the commissioning of a 10-story building set for demolition. As street art becomes more and more mainstream, both the creators and the connoisseurs of street art are coming up with new ways to bring this form of expression to the public.

The latest, and perhaps most spectacular, attempt is called the Paris 13 Tower, and it has been conceived in the 13th arrondissement of Paris in a tower offering 4,500 square meters of space. In this condemned building, artists were invited by the arrondissement’s local council to breath new life into the ill-fated tower by using both the exterior and interior as a canvas for their work.

Alas, the ephemeral nature of street art is also a very real part of this exhibit. As such, the building will still be demolished after the exhibition is over, wiping away all traces of its second life as a cultural harbor. However, the art created during this project will live on thanks to the Internet. That is because pictures of all the art will be captured during the exhibition and immortalized on the project’s website for all to appreciate.

Guests of the Hôtel de la Tour Maubourg are lucky enough to be able to see these works up close and personal during their stays in Paris. Those who do check out the exhibition will see 16 nationalities represented, including well known members of the street art scene like Alone and Ludo.

Once this living art exhibit is demolished, the space will be used to build public housing. With the Paris 13 Tower project, the interactions between urban life, public space, art and the spirit of renewal become ever more entwined.