The Future of Textiles Is Here Today in the City of Light

The Future of Textiles Is Here Today in the City of Light

Anyone who is visiting Paris should know that visiting the French science museum La Cité des Sciences makes for a great excursion. And now, from Febuary 5 until July 14, 2013, this museum will be presenting a special exhibit for those who are interested in scientific research in the domain of textile design. This means that science fans can get a sneak peek at the fabrics of the future.

Want to know what we might be wearing in the year 2050? Well, this exhibition — called ‘Futurotextiles’ — aims to answer exactly that question. Visitors can discover the current research being undertaken to fabricate new textiles that offer higher performance and better efficiency than today’s fabrics. In order to better visualize how this research can change our everyday lives, ‘Futurotextiles’ presents numerous objects, pieces of artwork and clothing intended for medical use, protection, sports, architecture and home design.

In this way, visitors can project themselves into the future by taking a look at the kinds of fabrics that they might see in homes, stores, sports arenas and doctor’s offices decades from now.

What’s more, the exhibition also provides a journey back in time by allowing visitors to understand the history of textile fabrication. This history includes an explanation of the diverse components used to make fabrics — both natural and synthetic. Such an understanding serves as a solid foundation for comprehending where textile research can take us in the future.

The exhibition features both advanced scientific facts as well as fun activities for children, making it perfect for visitors of all ages. Guests staying at the Hotel de la Tour Maubourg during the first half of 2013 can therefore get an exclusive look at the exciting developments that are happening with the fabrics we use in almost all aspects of our society.