Take a Culinary Tour Around Italy at a New Parisian Restaurant

Take a Culinary Tour Around Italy at a New Parisian Restaurant

A new restaurant serving up contemporary Italian food has opened in Paris. The restaurant is called Penati al Baretto, and its eponymous chef Alberico Penati is bringing his masterful Italian touch to a variety of exciting dishes. Penati al Baretto caters to the chic set of Paris, but visitors from all walks of life will also feel comfortable thanks to the inviting decor and welcoming staff.

Patrons can begin with a drink at the trendy bar. Their orders will be taken by a bartender looking dapper in a black vest. The drink menu includes the restaurant’s house cocktail, which is made with Martini Bianco and amaretto. As patrons sip on their drinks, they can enjoy the restaurant’s decor, which includes walls dotted with photographs of Italian stars, white tablecloths set against caramel-colored wood paneling and Bordeaux red chairs.

On the menu, things get even more impressive. One of Penati al Baretto’s signature dishes is the cappon magro, a rich seafood salad traditionally served in a pyramid shape. This Genoese specialty offers fish, shellfish, crunchy in-season vegetables and fresh herbs. In fact, dining at Penati al Baretto is a bit like taking a culinary tour around Italy.

Representing Piedmont is a scottona steak served with artichoke and mushrooms. As for Venice, diners can try a warm salad of potatoes and dried cod with olives and capers. Sicily makes an appearance with spaghetti di Verrigni — not to mention other offerings from the regions of Turin and Abruzzo.

As a result, guests staying at the Hôtel de la Tour Maubourg can feel like they have gone on an Italian excursion during their trip to Paris by visiting the restaurant Penati al Baretto.