Retrospective of a Modern Master at the Pompidou Museum

Retrospective of a Modern Master at the Pompidou Museum

One of the most well-known living artists has come to the Pompidou modern art museum, and he is making a big impression in Paris. The artist is Gerhardt Richter, and it is not the first time that he has had such an impact on the City of Light. In fact, Richter’s paintings are taught to all the students studying at the famous Beaux-Arts school, and now the Pompidou exhibition — called Panorama — is bringing together 130 paintings that retrace the artist’s work from the 1960s to present day.

This includes some of his greatest masterpieces, completed in Paris, like ‘Ema,’ ’1964′ and ‘September.’ This retrospective also emphasizes the German artist’s lesser known works in order to present a full view of his artistic vision. These works present themes incorporating gray imagery, mirrors and glass.

Most of the works reflect the clash between abstract art and figurative art that Richter is recognized for. This clash was Richter’s way of expressing the difficulties that his home country traversed following the second World War. Some of his paintings are so powerfully realistic that they begin to border on photo reportage. It is clear that Richter wanted to fully explore the limits of painting and the messages that this medium can convey.

The exhibition does not follow a chronological order. Instead, it takes visitors on a journey through the different themes that have been explored by Richter. Paintings are also placed in order to juxtapose the pain expressed by certain pieces with the joy revealed in others.

This retrospective was first shown at the Tate Modern in London and then at the Neue national gallery of Berlin. Now Panorama  has come to Paris, and guests staying at the Hotel de la Tour Maubourg can enjoy the works of this singular artist until September 24, 2012.