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Chinese New Year festivities in Paris 2015

Chinese New Year, or also known as the « Spring Festival » is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated in China and many other Asian countries. However, the capital of lights Paris has for several years now celebrated the Chinese New year in a very festive and enchanting ambiance. Vietnamese or Chinese New[…]

Café Pouchkine, From Moscow to Paris

Café Poushkine opened his first Café-Restaurant in the very famous 6th Arrondissement of Paris in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighbourhood. Andrey Dellos has been dreaming of it for a long time, and eventuelly managed to splendidly accomplish it. Andrey Dellos is a Franco-Russian restaurateur and the founder of the « Maison Dellos ». He opened[…]

The Musical Fountains of Versailles

The Musical Fountains of Versailles show is back from March 28 to November 1, 2015, for  seasonal promenades  around the groves and fountains … Following the rhythm of the music, 55 fountains located in 850 hectares of Versailles gardens offer an incredible show, inherited by the Century Sun! Bringing together[…]

« Chez Les Anges », a trip to heaven!

In 1952, after a stroll in flea market and the discovery of nice gilded Angelots, Armand Monassier chose to baptize the small restaurant he had just bought at boulevard de la Tour Maubourg « Chez les Anges » ( with the angels). Sold in 82 to Benedict then owned by Paul Minchelli[…]