Near La Tour-Maubourg, Many Restaurants Are Open in August

Near La Tour-Maubourg, Many Restaurants Are Open in August

Those who happen to visit Paris during the month of August might find that the streets are not as busy as they were expecting. The reason for this is that, in France, August is a very popular month for taking long vacations.

As inhabitants of Paris leave the city, many restaurants close their doors as well. Visitors to Paris who want to make sure that they will be able to find a restaurant ready to serve them can check out the following list of restaurants that are open during the month of August. All of these restaurants are conveniently located near the Hotel de la Tour Maubourg:

Le Violon d’Ingres, Les Cocottes, Café constant, Les Fables de la Fontaine, La Fontaine de Mars, Chez Françoise, Café de l’Esplanade, La Cuisine (open weekdays but not weekends) and Les Parisiens (open Tuesday through Saturday)

For visitors who want an even greater choice, this next group of restaurants is not open for the entire month of August, but the restaurants are open during the latter part of the month:

Le Florimond (open from August 20, 2012), Le Petit Niçois (open from August 21, 2012), L’Auberge Bressane (open from August 23, 2012), Le Petit bordelais (open from August 24, 2012), Chez l’ami Jean (open from August 28, 2012), Alain Milliat (open from August 29, 2012)

August is one of the calmest months of the year for the city of Paris. Luckily, visitors can still dine at one or more of these restaurants while enjoying the sights. That way, they can be sure to get a taste of the delicious cuisine that France is known for. And they can do all of this in the same neighborhood as the Hotel de la Tour Maubourg.