Leonardo Da Vinci’s Inventions and Art Exposed in Paris

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Inventions and Art Exposed in Paris

Until August 18, 2013 visitors to Paris will be able to explore the extraordinary world of Leonardo da Vinci at the Cité des Sciences, an interactive science museum located in the 19th arrondissement.

This exhibition, titled ‘Leonardo da Vinci: Projects, Drawings and Machines‘ is enjoyable for both children and adults as it allows them to discover the inventions, the personality and the methodology of this legendary genius. Indeed, the Cité des Sciences has organized this exhibit with the goal of enlightening and amusing their visitors.

This exhibit is arranged across six different themes, with each theme emphasizing a different facet of da Vinci’s life or personality. Moreover, the exhibit educates visitors about the “da Vinci method” of observation and invention.

Some of the objects presented by the Cité des Sciences include models and paintings by da Vinci as well as sketches and scribblings from his scientific research. During his time, da Vinci was the discoverer of several important scientific phenomena. As a result, da Vinci is presented by this exhibition as the artistic and scientific master that he was.

Roughly 40 of da Vinci’s projects are displayed in this exhibit, including the crossbow, an early version of a diving suit and a flying machine. Several objects in the exhibition have been borrowed from the Milan museum the Museo Nationale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci. Guests staying at the Hotel de la Tour Maubourg can therefore experience this inter-cultural, interdisciplinary exhibition for themselves by heading to the Cité des Sciences during their visit to Paris.