Ground Control: Ephemeral Underground Bar in Paris

Ground Control: Ephemeral Underground Bar in Paris

Ground Control is definitely “The Spot” in Paris this summer.  “Ground Control” is an ephemeral underground bar which invites French and tourists alike to discover a hybrid concept of exhibitions, concerts, film screenings or workshops and events.

Are you fed up from too conventional places? Then, head towards the Quai d’Austerlitz, and more specifically below the City of Fashion and Design to find out  Ground Control!

Open until 12 October 2014, this ephemeral bar, described as free and curious, is one of those totally unclassifiable areas. Ground Control is thus composed of a dining bar, a club, a terrace, a French bistro, an art gallery with various exhibitions, a screening room and a radio station that broadcasts 24/24!

Designed by La Lune Rousse and Hello Florida, this area of 400m ² varies styles depending on the events it hosts : exhibitions, concerts, aftershows, lectures, film screenings, plus workshops and activities for all ages, all in a Deco recycling craft very well exploited.

And as “Ground Control” knows the latest trends, the venue has decided to tantalize your taste buds every night (and lunch during the weekend) with a concept of street fooding on the border of gourmet a la plancha, cold, sweet and savory.  To accompany your meal, they have preferred to focus on quality wines from small local producers. Otherwise, let’s try the draft beer or bottled, not to mention organic fruit juice and other soft drinks (iced tea, coconut milk out of the fruit …).

Guests staying at Hôtel de la Tour Maubourg are invited to enjoy the Jazz party on August 16 and Mojo party on 17 with the participation of 4 painters, 4 sculptors and a DJ in a non-stop 12H festivities  !!