Enjoy Shakespeare in the Garden, Performed by a Professional Theater Troupe

Enjoy Shakespeare in the Garden, Performed by a Professional Theater Troupe

As one of the cultural centers of the world, Paris is full of theaters that visitors can enjoy. Some visitors, however, might want to try something a little different from the typical indoor theaters.

For those visitors, there is one theater troupe in Paris that performs works of Shakespeare and other classic plays in a lovely garden setting. The troupe is called the Shakespeare Garden Outdoor Theater (Théâtre de verdure du jardin Shakespeare), and it presents a number of different shows for adults and children. In fact, this theater is comprised of not one venue but several: actors perform in a series of small gardens that harken back to the times of Shakespeare.

The plays that are currently being performed are ‘The Miser,’ ‘Léonie est en avance,’ ‘The Merchant of Venice’ and ‘The Taming of the Shrew.’ All plays are performed in French, but getting the chance to see these charming garden performances is worth it even for those who do not speak French. Seeing one of these outdoors plays is the perfect activity for a nice summer afternoon. With an emphasis on presenting classic plays, the Shakespeare Garden Outdoor Theater gives spectators an experience that is both enjoyable and cultural.

For children, there is also a production of Puss in Boots that presents a cat named Tristan, who lives in a castle. This is no ordinary cat, however. Tristan is quite the clever trickster and is able to succeed in all of the adventures he gets himself into. The performers of the Shakespeare Garden Outdoor Theater present their interpretation of Tristan’s tale so that children can discover and rediscover this well-known story.

Guests staying at the Hotel de la Tour Maubourg can enjoy this experience only in the summer — the troupe has already begun its shows for the year and will be performing until September 30, 2012.

Théâtre de verdure du jardin Shakespeare
Route de la Reine Marguerite, 75016 Paris