Christmas Comes Early (and Stays Late) at Disneyland Paris

Christmas Comes Early (and Stays Late) at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris has long been known to create its own special kind of magic, and now the European amusement park is overflowing with Christmas magic as well. Since November 10, 2013 Disneyland Paris has been decorated for the holiday season and this Christmas feeling with last until January 6, 2014. That gives visitors staying at the Hôtel de la Tour Maubourg plenty of time to see the Magic Kingdom like they have never seen it before.

What’s more, visiting right now will give Disney fans the chance to see characters from the latest Disney film, Frozen. That’s right, Frozen‘s heroes will even be integrated in the classic Christmas Parade that is organized every year at the amusement park.

As a result, visitors can see Princesses Elsa and Anna in full glory and dancing along with other great Disney characters. The characters will also make an appearance in the spectacular Disney Dreams Christmas show. In fact, the snowman Olaf will be the orchestra conductor in an entirely new nighttime spectacle that is being revealed for the first time this year.

Those expecting to see Santa will not be disappointed either, as Father Christmas takes up his usual post at Disneyland Paris. Children will be delighted to see that Santa gets his very own village and even a musical spectacle at the Magic Kingdom. The spectacle showcases an ensemble of dancing toys, characters from the movie Toy Story, and — of course — Santa and his elves.

The final special touch to this winter wonderland is a giant Christmas tree, measuring 24 meters high. The tree sparkles with almost one thousand lights and decorations that come from all around the world. Every evening, when the tree is illuminated, Pinocchio comes out to lead a whimsical show of music and lights in a nightly ceremony.

There is no doubt that Disneyland Paris will offer a stocking-full of magic and cheer to good girls and boys this Christmas.