Celebrate Horses with Free Activities at the Hippodrome

Celebrate Horses with Free Activities at the Hippodrome

This Sunday, September 23, is France’s National Horse Day, and the Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes is opening its doors to visitors in order to celebrate the occasion. Guests staying at the Hotel de la Tour Maubourg can join in on the celebration during their visit to Paris.

For anyone who likes horses, or even for those who are simply curious, the Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes is providing demonstrations, competitions and activities that will introduce you to the world of horses. Whether you go with friends, family or children, this event has a lot to offer for all ages.

The day starts off with a bang, as a carriage awaits anyone who takes the RER train to Joinville-le-Pont, the location of the Hippodrome. From there, visitors will be taken to the Hippodrome by carriage, a truly unique excursion.

Once visitors arrive at the destination, there is even more to do. Different breeds of horses are brought together for you to pet and discover. Children will especially enjoy petting the miniature horses that will be there.

What’s more, there is even a Pony School, where participants can learn how to brush and take care of a pony. Similarly, there is a veterinary station where visitors can learn equine anatomy and how to listen to a horse’s heartbeat. There are several activities especially for children, like pony rides through easy obstacle courses and carrousels with wooden horses.

Visitors of all ages can enjoy demonstrations of horseshoe-ing as well as competitions among professional riders. There are nine competitions scheduled, two of which include elite riders with very high skill levels.

All of these activities are free for those who have printed out special invitations. These invitations can be found on a special page of the Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes website, which is in French. Visitors should note that one invitation is good for only two guests, so they should make sure to print out as many invitations as they will need.

Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes
2 route de la Ferme, 75012
RER Station: Joinville-le-Pont

Link for free entry: Horse Day Flyer