Become an Art Connoisseur at an Affordable Art Fair in Paris

Become an Art Connoisseur at an Affordable Art Fair in Paris

Who says buying artwork in Paris has to be expensive? That’s the philosophy of an exciting art expo that will be taking place in the 20th arrondissement of Paris from January 18 until January 20, 2013. The expo is called ‘Le Grand Salon d’Art Abordable’ (‘The Affordable Art Fair’), and its goal is to make great works of contemporary art available to people from all walks of life.

Guests staying at the Hôtel de la Tour Maubourg can stop by during their visit to Paris in order to pick up a one-of-a-kind souvenir that they can proudly hang on the wall back home. Reasonably priced paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures and etchings — all original — are displayed and available for purchase during the expo.

Le Grand Salon d’Art Abordable was first created in 2009, after the financial crisis sparked an interest for lower-priced works of art. The organizers of the expo wanted to reinvigorate the art market in Paris, and thus the Affordable Art Fair was born, installed in a unique cultural hall called La Bellevilloise.

The works of art are all signed and certified original by dozens of artists. Prices are kept low by organizing the event without a middleman, so potential buyers get access to the workshop prices of the pieces. Buyers can find art priced from 150 euros to 5,000 euros, which means that the expo accommodates for a wide range of budgets.

Even those who just want to see what the contemporary art scene in Paris is like, without buying a painting, can visit the fair and browse through the various pieces that are displayed. With tickets costing only 5 euros, this show is truly affordable for all visitors to Paris.

Le Grand Salon d’Art Abordable
La Bellevilloise
19/21 rue Boyer, 75020
January 18 to 20, 2013
Tickets: 5 euros