An Australian Circus Troupe Entrances the City of Light

An Australian Circus Troupe Entrances the City of Light

In a new show called Wunderkammer, an Australian circus troupe called Circa is bringing its unique form of entertainment to Paris. From November 27 until December 30, 2012, guests staying at the Hôtel de la Tour Maubourg can enjoy this lively spectacle during their visit to the City of Light.

The show takes its name from the “wunderkammer” of Renaissance-period Europe. This German word can be translated as “cabinet of wonders” or “cabinet of curiosities.” During that period, these rooms held collections of interesting scientific and historical objects from many domains, such as natural history, archeology, geology and art.

Today, Circa has resurrected this concept and applied it to their show, which takes place at the Grand Halle de la Villette, in the 19th arrondissement. Instead of presenting the usual clowns and elephants, Circa delivers poetic acrobatics, cabaret-style entertainment and balletic dance to create a completely contemporary spectacle.

This modern interpretation of the circus arts has been honed by Circa over the years and is presented in top form during the Wunderkammer show. Mixing dance, Chinese acrobatics, trapeze and theater, the show presents the best of all of these styles. Moreover, various musical genres — such as classical and electronic — are combined to generate an ambiance of true fusion.

The show is also a celebration of the human body, as both men and women perform acrobatic feats and fly through the air with grace. In the intimate setting of a cabaret, the human body is showcased as performers interact with each other and the audience in a burlesque style. The end result is an intriguing and entrancing show that displays the beauty of art and the human form.